Pisa is famous all over the world because of the tower, it is the ideal spot to discover the artistic wonders of Tuscany. The square is a meeting place for students and tourists and it collects a majestic architectural complex unique in the world: Tower, Cathedral, Baptistery and the Graveyard.

The square of knights is the second most famous city square where you can see the "Torre della Muda" named also "Tower of hunger", the "Palace of Caravan" seat of Normale University and the "Chiesa di Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri". The better way to visit the city is by walking ; in effect wander about the city we can admire different historical periods monuments.

You can not miss a walk in the small streets next to the river Arno which are home to important buildings, bridges, towers and churches. Every 16th of June to celebrate the Patron Saint takes place the "Luminara di San Ranieri" and the streets along the Arno are illuminated by flames creating suggestive light and color effects.